Our Data Centers

Our website hosting customers have the option to choose which of the five datacenters around the world to host their website in.

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Website Solutions

Having an online presence is an important part of maximizing your business potential. We provide quality solutions to fit your budget.

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Currency Investing

Since 2013 we have been investing in decentralized "crpto-currencies" such as Bitcoin, Ehtereum, Litecoin, and others.

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After providing multiple solutions to our clients of various sizes from startups to corporations, we are experienced and prepared to provide a quality solution to fit your needs.

After experience working with government entities, we are proud to to provide effective solutions to government entities of any size. Specialized pricing structures will be provided to our government clients.

In addition to services provided we perform many private projects and investments. These can range from cryptocurrency investments, ecommerce platforms, entertainment websites, and many more.

About Us

Started in 2012 as a website design business, we have grown alongside of technology over time. In order to provide quality solutions to clients our services soon after expanded to server hosting, software development, physical location security setups (such as surveillance equipment and alarm solutions), and other services.

Fast forwarding to today we have developed many of our own projects and investments as standalone services. These have varied from webbrowser developments, various hosting sites, media and entertainment websites, and cryptocurrency investments. We have been involved in cryptocurrency investments since 2013 and have included Bitcoin, Ethereum, and (to a much lesser extent) DogeCoin. Profit obtained from these investments have fueled our ability to invest in other projects over time.

The owner and operator, Dalton Blalock, currently also devotes a large amount of time into the real estate industry. While a large amount of time is devoted to that, equally as much time is devoted into ensuring customer satisfaction of Blalock Technologies and all standalone projects.

Our hosting services

Through a project originally developed by us, HostingMy.net, we have been able to offer our clients over the years the following solutions for their website hosting, Virtual Private Servers, semi-dedicated and dedicated server hosting, and email platforms.


We have been able to offer clients their choice of using any of our 5 datacenters across the globe.



We minimize downtime and make it simple for clients to use cloud-based software to ensure they can be reached.



Security has always been made a priority for our clients and their visitors. We have taken many steps to ensure this.



Hosting clients are able to ask for support at any time after logging in. This is available 24/7 for our webhosting customers.


Website hosting uptime